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Rae Luscombe Comedy

Laughter is one of the most healing activities we can engage in....

It can also be one of the most enlightening.

For adults:

Besides Laughter, We Have More Ways You Can Heal Yourself With Your Own Voice:

We are always searching for natural ways to facilitate your healing...

Here are a couple of our favorites you can do with your own voice right now:

  • NES Wellness Scan analyzes a 10 second sample of your voice to give you a 12 page interactive online report of your body energy system...

  • They will recommend the top healing information drops, called Infoceuticals, that you can put in your drinking water each morning.

  • You will be amazed at how powerful these are for your healing!

  • Zyto EVOX is a biofeedback system that uses the stress frequencies identified in your voice to release those stress patterns at a cellular level...

  • We recommend that every client complete a Transgenerational Perception Reframing process with the EVOX system. It's a once-in-a-lifetime clearing of the inherited epigenetic influence from your parents and grandparents... 

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